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Oversize HDO Concrete Forming Plywood

Oversize HDO Concrete Forming Plywood

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High Density Overlay is durable concrete forming panel recommended when higher reuse and concrete appearance are the most important criteria. The panel is constructed using 100% high quality Douglas Fir veneers resulting in a premium concrete-forming plywood panel characterized by superior strength, stiffness, impact resistance, and durability. Douglas Fir is the ideal species for concrete-forming applications. Even in wet service conditions such as concrete formwork, Douglas Fir is one of the strongest softwood species available; stable, stiff, with high strength values in bending, tension, horizontal sheer and compression.

Eagle's HDO is manufactured using thermosetting resin-impregnated fiber, bonded to both sides of the plywood. Under heat and pressure the resins flow to create a smooth, durable, and chemically resistant forming panel. This surface represents the latest in research and development from Arclin® – the world leader in overlay technology.

Desgined to the highest standards of quality assurance, Eagle's HDO panels give the user a uniform surface that promotes uniform hydration. The result is an excellent concrete finish. Abrasion and chemical resistance are important when extended reuse is part of your equation. Through proper handling, cleaning, and application of release agents, HDO will outlast competitive products pour after pour.

HDO is widely used in both vertical and horizontal formwork applications. HDO’s enhanced resistance to abrasion and alkalinity of concrete mixes makes it the ideal panel for high-rise and large-scale projects where longer life and high reuse is expected. HDO is suitable for use in Gang Forms, Tables, Fliers, and Columns.

Features and Benefits:
Durability – HDO provides enhanced resistance to alkalinity and abrasion from the concrete mix and typically give up 10-20 reuses; subject to the overlay combination, application, service conditions, and jobsite care and handling practices.
Form Release – HDO is not factory release coated with release agent and therefore should be lightly coated prior to the first use as well as each subsequent use with a chemically active form release agent (Nox-Crete®). Eagle Plywood discourages the use of diesel fuel or motor oil as these will reduce the expected service life of the panels.
Factory Edge-Sealed – HDO is factory edge-sealed for highly alkaline wet conditions. Cut or exposed edges should be resealed to prevent moisture ingress and swelling.

Eagle Plywood Product Sheet
HDO (High Density Overlay) Plyform - Performance Panels (APA)

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